£1m Challenge


The £1,000,000 challenge for persecuted Christians (or other Religions)

OK let’s own up straight away – there is no Million pounds.

But there is a challenge ….

If you can convince me that Christians (or other religions) are really being persecuted in Britain I promise to:

  1. Publish the story on this web site
  2. Tweet about it
  3. Donate a tenner to your chosen charity

Lots of people are claiming that Christians (or other religions) are being persecuted/sidelined/marginalised/vilified etc… etc…

If it’s true I really want here about it so, If you can answer this question please click the email link and tell me all about it.

Can you tell me something, something specific, that marginalised Christians (or other religions) have lost, that everyone else still has,  because of aggressive secularism ?

Please email the details of your claim to: sidelined@secondthoughtfortheday.co.uk

Here is my opinion on the matter

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