Judgement Day

In his TFTD Giles Fraser says “For this is Advent, that season in the church’s year when we await not just the coming of the Christ-child at Christmas and but also the coming of Christ at the end of time to judge the world”

This reminded me of I christening I recently attended. The sermon made a big thing of the second coming and judgement day. The thrust was that it could come at any time and the ONLY way to avoid the hot-place was to be a genuinely repentant christian. No other religion will do, and no-religion won’t do either. It made me think that no matter how friendly and pleasant the church was the basic message to the kids is cold and heartless and it’s this. Your Muslim, Hindu, Seikh, and humanist friends at school are very nice people and you should respect them but, come the day or when they die, they will burn in hell for ever. I’m sure a few days earlier there was a very nice Imam peddling the equivalent message to the little muslims down the Mosque. I think this is a terrible thing to tell adults, let alone children. If it’s true, and the supreme being will really torture people for ever for worshiping the wrong god or none…..

Then you won’t catch me worshiping him

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