Myths Are Not All Created Equal

The image below was taken by the Hubble Telescope. It’s not a new image, it was taken back in 2004, but with it being 50 years since Gagarin’s first flight I have been thinking about Life, The universe, and Everything.

Hubble Deep Field

The dots of light in the photograph (there are about 10,000) are not stars, each one is a galaxy of about 100,000,000,000 stars! The whole photograph covers an area of about 1/13,000,000 of the sky. The size of a postage stamp held at a distance of about 50ft from your eye

The story of how scientists think the universe came into existance is called the “Standard Cosmological Model” and there are links to it opposite.

The universe is about 13 billion years old and the galaxies in the photograph are so far away that they are about 10 billion years old. The light from them which formed this photograph left about 4 billion years before the earth even existed!

The Standard Model is constantly being refined as more and more evidence is discovered but it represents our current, best, very educated, guess.

13 billion years ago – big bang begins

First, tiny, fraction of second – huge expansion known as inflation

after the first million years – atoms begin to form (cosmic microwave background radiation come from this time)

after 100 million years – first stars begin to shine

after 600 million years – first galaxies form

10 billion years ago – light leaves the galaxies in the photograph

9 billion years ago – Our sun begins to shine

4.5 billion years ago – the Earth forms

3.5 billion years ago – life begins on earth

600 million years ago – animals appear

65 million years ago – dinosaurs die out

200 thousand years ago – humans appear

25 thousand years ago – neanderthals die out

3.5 thousand years ago – Genesis offers an alternative to this history!

2 thousand years ago – Jesus is born, lives, and dies

50 years ago – Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space

7 years ago – light from the galaxies in the photograph arrives at Hubble

OK thats a very very abridged version of the Standard Model. It is not proven, but evey bit is supported by some evidence at least.

So Archbishop, Imam, Rabbi, lets hear hear your myth ……..

Well, God did it in 6 days, then he had a bit of a rest.

Then there was a garden and this talking snake …………………….

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