Ridicule is Better than Banning

This thought is really an extension, of a reply, to a tweet, which was a comment, on a news story….

The home secretary (yes that one – “I’m not making this up”) is making “Muslims against Crusades” a banned organisation from midnight tonight. This set me thinking.

“Muslims against Crusades” is Anjem Choudary’s bunch of thoroughly vile religious bigots who have been previously banned under various names such as “Islam4UK” and “Al-Muhajiroun” and a couple of others. As I say they are pretty horrible and their previous stunts include burning poppies last remembrance day and a pro Bin Laden rally at the US embassy on the 9/11 anniversary. They are/were planning a minutes “anything but silence” for this year which I now hear has been abandoned and the organization has disbanded.

Good Result – yes ?    well I’m not so sure.

If they had been banned months ago, as they could have been, it wouldn’t have given them so much publicity. Doing it now just reinforces the impression that it is a bit of a panic measure just before this year’s poppy day. It also allowed them to put the following on their website.

“The banning of Muslims Against Crusades by Home Secretary Theresa May is a great victory for Islam and Muslims and highlights the sheer hatred the British government has towards sincere Muslims who wish to peacefully speak out against policies that are (from every angle) anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.”

I prefer ridicule to banning.

Anjem’s bunch of clowns thrive on the publicity they get from making people angry. The best way to react is to take the piss, they seriously don’t like that.

So, if any of these morons do decide to make some point on poppy day then I suggest that doing the following.

Ignore them until the ceremony is over, then walk over to them, point at them and laugh. I mean really laugh, side splitting, thigh slapping guffaws, then just turn round and go down the pub.

I suggest lining the pavements and doing the same to BNP marches as well.

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