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Thoughts about Veganism

There are several people who’s podcasts I admire and listen to regularly ( I even bung them a few quid via Patreon every now and then and so should you) One of them is Stephen Knight, the Godless Spellchecker. On … Continue reading

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In Defence of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness (sort of)

Over Christmas, as usual, I got into some political discussions with my family. With my youngest son, Bob, the conversation went into the territory of multiculturalism and integration. Bob lives in London which I think gives him a rosier picture … Continue reading

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Open letter to my bishop

Originally posted on Kathleen Jowitt:
Dear Bishop, I write to express my profound discomfort with various aspects of the Church of England’s conduct over the past few days, as the news story regarding the ‘Just Pray’ advertisement has unfolded. Firstly,…

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Tax – Forget the Non-Doms, it’s Ex-Pats we need to be taxing

I want to ask a question in this piece and, I hope, answer it. I have touched on this topic in a previous post when Brits were being evacuated from Libya but, with the election coming and the recent discussion … Continue reading

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Humans are so much better than their Gods – thank heavens

Noah’s Ark seems to be very popular these days, there has been the recent “blockbuster” film staring Russell Crowe and there is an upcoming big adaptation for the BBC staring David Threlfall. I have always been rather fascinated by the story … Continue reading

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The battle for evolution in Scottish schools

Originally posted on Leaving Fundamentalism:
Tomorrow, the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee will be hearing from members of the British Centre for Science Education (BCSE) and Scottish Secular Society (SSS). Earlier this year, the SSS started a petition urging the Scottish…

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Yes – Keep the pressure on Israel. But dont be fooled by Hamas

I didn’t want to write this post, I really didn’t. I think the situation in Gaza is an appalling human tragedy. One that Israel is largely responsible for. But I think I have to. Some of the stuff I am … Continue reading

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